About Us

The people behind myvoice-project are a mixed group of humans with and without a refugee background, with and without a German passport.

Moayad, Anne, Anna, Stella und Eike (from left to right)

Moayad, Anne, Anna, Stella und Eike (from left to right)

We share the believe that the refugees who arrived in Germany within the last days, weeks, months, years or decades should be given a voice. With myvoice-project we want to create a widespread platform for the opinons and impressions of refugees in Germany.

On the photo above you can see the core team of myvoice-project laughing. Furthermore our project has about half a dozen supporters and contributors that come write or proofread the articles, keep our website running or give us some great new ideas. Until now most of us live in Hamburg. All our work for myvoice-project is voluntary and free of charge.

Do you want to join us? Click here. Or do you still have questions? Let us know here.