How can I join?
What’s new about the myvoice-project?
How do you avoid “hate-speech”?
Do you speak all the languages appearing on the website?
Why do some sentences on the website sound strange?
Can the publishing of names have negative effects on the asylum procedure?
Are contributions paid?

You would like to join myvoice-project, but don’t know how?

This project wants to provide a platform for many voices as to open new perspectives. The more voices we collect, the more complete the overall picture will become.

For interested refugees:

You belong to those interested people having arrived in Germany after fleeing from home. Our platform offers you the opportunity to deal with your new living environment and show your experiences to the public. More precise, you can publish your texts, videos, photos or drawings – we don’t limit your creativity. You can write your texts in your mother tongue or in English or German as language shall not be a barrier here.

If you want to participate, please write an email to contributor(at)myvoice-project.org or use our contact form. And of course, you are welcome at our regular meetings!

For interested non-refugees:

Getting involved with myvoice-project can be done in various ways. Firstly, we need volunteers taking care of organizational tasks. Secondly, you can develop and supervise project ideas either in a group or on your own – preferably together with participating refugees.

If you want to participate, please write an email to networker(at)myvoice-project.org or use our contact form. And of course, you are welcome at our regular meetings!

In addition, we are also open for guest contributions from non-refugees.

For silent supporters:

You can support us with donations in the form of money or hardware such as a laptop or a digital camera. Please also spread the word about our project and share our idea so that we can gather as many voices and perspectives as possible!

There are already projects like myvoice-project, where refugees tell their stories. What’s new about this project?

We don’t simply want to tell the people’s stories but want to show perspectives. Of course, this might also involve stories of the refugees’ journey or their experiences in Germany. But we also want the people to be motivated by or blog to get around and in touch with their new surroundings. To some extent, integration comes into play here. With guest contributions we complement the full range and show the non-refugees’ perspective in order to start a dialogue.

Likewise, we don’t want to compete with other projects but want to unite them, if possible.

Providing the platform for the voices of people we don’t know may result in a forum for one sided opinion or even hate speech. How will this be prevented?

We will express political opinion in our contributions, but we do not spread political slogans. we may deal with the current situation critically or subjectively but always in a respectful and responsible manner. We act openly, creatively and on our own initiative – which also includes the decision to publish contributions which do not fully reflect our own opinion but which we consider appropriate within the framework of the freedom of expression. At this point, there is no particular rule which content will not be published. We will decide upon each case individually.

Contributions in various languages – do you actually speak all the languages in which refugees may want to publish?

Our leading idea is that language should not be a barrier. Therefore we also wish to publish contributions written e.g. in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu or Albanian – even if we don’t actually speak these languages ourselves. Of course, there will be some limit since we naturally want to know what we publish on our website. Jointly, we translate into English or German so that every contribution is available for anyone speaking at least one of these two languages. For the translations we dependend on the support of motivated project participants, may it be multiplicators or contributors. Exactly this mix underlines the character of our commonly developed project.

Why do some sentences on the website sound strange – are you not proofreading them?

We do correct obvious spelling and grammar faults in the German and English texts, but at the same time we aim to keep the language as authentic as possible. We keep deliberately close to the author’s style of expression, because we want everyone to join the project regardless of their linguistic skills, no matter if in a foreign or the native language. Similarly, we do not want to change and modify the author’s work as to make it very different from the original. This way, we create a colorful mixture of linguistic variants – like we have in an everyday conversation.

Can’t the asylum procedure be negatively affected when names of refugees are published – especially if an author worked on a critical contribution?

Authors and contributors who are currently in their asylum procedure may wish their names not to be published in their contributions. Generally, expressing an opinion should not have any influence on such an official procedure. The criteria for receiving asylum underlie strict rules. But since we want to protect our authors’ privacy, we offer the opportunity to publish anonymously. At any time the project coordination is aware of the personal data.

No, there will be no payment whatsoever. This project is based on a voluntary and non-profit basis. We use donations only to keep our project running, e.g. for the necessary material, for advertising or snacks during our meetings.