Vanishing away to oblivion

Mohannad Kassab is a Syrian photo artist. His work is surreal and makes reality tangible at the same time. Lately, he was holding his first excibition in Hamburg on the Cap San Diego.

His new piece is dedicated to the refugees who didn’t have a chance to be here around us.

They have been chosen to be in the next life for the last voyage and now they will rest in peace.

©Mohannad Kassab

©Mohannad Kassab

Title:  Vanishing away to oblivion

Description:  When the world’s doors are closed, heaven’s doors are always open.

Do you want to listen to some music that matches the atmosphere of this photo? Mohannad was inspired by the following song:

We have already published more of Mohannads fantastic work here. If you want to see more of his pictures, also visit his facebook page.