Notebook Doodle

Check out the art of the Syrian-Greek designer Mavap Attar. He moved to Berlin on Friday the 13th of November last year. Let’s hope, that’s good luck for this very talented guy! Mavap says, his life started anew on that day after waiting five months for his papers somewhere in Eastern Germany. Read what he says about his illustrations.

I started focusing on this type of art – or whatever it’s called – almost two years ago. It started as normal doodling on my school notebooks. 😛 Then, after studying graphic design for two years, (I didn’t graduate though), which made me better with all types of art, I realized that this is where I feel free the most.

I just grab my pen and it does all the work. I stop thinking about anything. I stopped all types of drawings and designing and I’m focusing on my art now. It’s something like writing: I guess, somehow I’m expressing my thoughts and ideas in those patterns…

One of the reasons why I came to Berlin is because it has a character: the art scene, the music scene are very good. It makes you competitive and wanting to go out there in the field with the professionals and start observing and learning and eventually have your own unique thing, somehow you get motivated just by wandering around the streets… anyways, here’s my link: Hope you like it!