A piece of art within the art

Five photographers, one photobooth and a whole lot of photographies – that was the evening hosted by ‘ART des Lebens‘ and complemented by an interactive photo corner of the myvoice-project. The photographers were showing portraits of refugees, but the excibition also looked behind the faces and gave the personalities a story. The aim was to make the foreign known and to enable personal encounters. People with and without a refugee background met each other and started a dialogue.

The photographers are:

Harald Geil | familiar facades
Pierre Jarawan | Paradise Lost
Robin Jochem | futurehope
Claudia Dewald |Leben in der Warteschleife – Flüchtlingskinder im Nordirak

The event didn’t only contain of watching and thinking, but also of listening – Markus Riemann lead through the evening, Marshall Titus made the music and Katharina Bree interviewed the photographers Tobias Hartl and Robin Jochem.  myvoice-project offered the visitors the possibility to become active and creative by shooting self-portraits and write down an additional thought in the photo corner. The outcome was an excibition within the excibition that will be preserved for the next couple of weeks.

We have published a few photos on three Sundays in a row: That meant three times new faces, three times beautiful people and three times looking behind the scenes.

Find the pictures here:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

(The excibition could be visited at Schulterblatt 73, 20357 Hamburg (Studio 2), from the 23/01- 22/03/2016)