“These memories push me for a better future.”

Mohannad Qassab is a photo artist. Here, he is telling is very personal story to this photo.

The idea with this photo was to express my travel from Turkey to Germany. The travelling was walking between woods and wilderness, and most of the time I’d sleep in jungles to have a break and for not being discovered. All of this took like 20-25 days, not only continuous walking – at some points we had to go back and forth because of the border police. Maybe the whole walking was 150km, too much walking in pure nature.

When I arrived in Germany, it took some time to react normally again, or even to feel normal, and every time I smell the nature in a specific condition, I have really strong flash backs of my memory and remember a lot of things. Sometimes, I feel great, when I just remember the good part like daily light, but sometimes it really scares me when it’s night, because everything looks different; then even my senses become stronger because of being scared.
So I think these times and these locations take some memories to be never forgotten, and these memories push me for a better future. 😀


Text: Mohannad // Photo: Mohannad