Do you want to join in?

myvoice-project needs you!

We are in the process of establishing an editorial team of people with and without a background as refugee. myvoice-project is a newly founded initiative, so we are always happy about new supporters and contributors. You can participate in various ways!

Are you a refugee? Are you interested in the topic? Then become an author for myvoice-project and share your perspective with us and our readers. Feel free to write, draw, sing, rhyme, take photos or whatever you like. Neither do we constrain you concerning the content. You can publish contributions dealing with politics or just everyday life, with economics, art, culture, sports, comedy and so on. The only thing that really matters to us is that your voice gets the chance to be heard through the blog!

You want to send us a contribution to be published on the blog? Just write an email with your contribution to contributor(at)

You know refugees who might be interested in myvoice-project? You would like to find them? Become a multiplicator for myvoice-project! Suggest potential authors or get more information on how to build a network. We can also always use a helping hand with the content management of our website or organising our workshops and events.

So if you would like to support myvoice-project, but still don’t know how, just come to one of our meetings and we will figure it out together!

Meetings on a regular basis

Our blog-team meets every second Wednesday at 7 pm. We meet in the office of the organisation Kulturbrücke e.V. The address is Papendamm 23 in 20146 Hamburg. You are very welcome to join us!

Next meetings: 01.06.2016; 15.06.2016; 29.06.2016; 13.07.2016; 27.07.2016; 10.08.2016; 24.08.2017; 07.09.2019… to be continued.

Do you have questions about our project? You might find the answer in our FAQs. If not, please write an email to info(at)